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About Extreme Conditions

By Juan B. Gutierrez. Extreme Conditions is a novel that has been re-written three times with three different techniques. It is essentially an experimental novel that served as a guinea pig to test authoring techniques and reader's reaction. The current version, the number 3, was built between 2003 and 2005. This version (2005) was essential to build the specialized artificial intelligence engine behind Literatronic.com. This novel is an experiment in non-linear reading in electronic media, since its circular array of events naturally allows narrative jumps. In juxtaposition, The First Flight of the Wright Brothers is an experimental novel designed for linear reading.

Juan B. Gutierrez - Director. Writer and Programmer.
Creator of Literatronic and writer of the final text of the novel.

Evelin Ramirez - Translator Spanish-English. Editor
Translated the novel from Spanish to English. Served as an editor.

Tamara Peña - Writer
Was a key element in the preparation of the script. She named the novel and most of the characters.

Giovanni Castro and Alberto Rodriguez - Graphic Artists
Both of them participated in he elaboration of the script. Each one did half of the comics. Alberto used computer graphics; Giovanni his bare hands.

The book is property of their authors. It is possible to use part or whole content (text and/or graphics) indicating clearly the source ONLY for reviews.

Those who are interested in digital archaeology can find the different versions here:

  • Extreme Conditions Version 3 - 2006 (English): This version was the first piece of digital narrative written in the system Literatronic. It is an adaptive piece in which the information system tries to optimize the reading process. To learn about adaptive digital narrative, follow this link. This version has not been critiqued.
  • Condiciones Extremas Version 2 - 2000 (Spanish): This version tried to optimize the user interface ad facilitate navigation through multiple entry points grouped by space, time and characters. This version was critiqued: Read in Amazon.com a chapter dedicated to Extreme Conditions in "Latin American Literature and Mass Media", CASTILLO, Debra/ PAZ-SOLDÁN, Edmundo (eds.). 2001. Hispanic Issues Series. New York: Garland, 2001
  • Condiciones Extremas Version 1 - 1998 (Spanish): This version was financed by the Repository of Artistic Projects of the Institute of Culture of Bogota. Project "Laboratorio Multimedial", grant IDCT 514/1997. Bogota, Colombia. It was a primitive hypertext; it was important, however, because it helped in the learning process. This version was critiqued: Hipertulia, una página española sobre hiperficción. Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain.
  • Condiciones Extremas. Printed Version - 1998 (Spanish): Script: Giovanni Castro, Juan B. Gutierrez, Tamara Peña y Alberto Rodríguez. Text: Juan B. Gutierrez.Comic Chapters 1, 3 y 6 (Printed Version): Nigio. Comic Chapters 2, 4 y 5 (Printed Version): Alberto. Comic Pages 4A, 6A, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26B, 27, 28A, 29A y 30 (Printed Version): William Cháves. Graphic Design (Printed Version): Caramelot. Graphic Concept (Printed Version): Alberto Rodríguez. CD-ROM Production: Juan B. Gutierrez. First Edition (Printed Version): April, 1998.

The author wants to particularly thank to Maria Aydée Gómez, Carlota Llano, Liliana López and Aída Bejarano, at the Bogotan Institute of Culture (1997-1998). They facilitated the artistic work in the city during one of the happiest times for Colombian artists.


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