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What type of books will you find here?

The main objective of this web site is to mine a new corner of the hypertext universe: adaptive literary hypertext. A secondary objective is to broadcast all forms of literature. The books in Literatronic are grouped in the following categories:

  • Adaptive Hypertext Literatronic: These are books designed to be read on-line. At the bottom of each page, there is a section titled Suggested Pages to Follow. The links are sorted from highest to lowest probability of continuing the reading. Next to each link there is a score. The bigger the score, the smoother the narrative transition. If you revisit a page that you have visited before, you will see that those links change; hence the name adaptive digital narrative. To learn about Adaptive Hypertext adaptive digital narrative, click here .
  • Static Hypertext Classic: Texts written for printed media, e.g. Don Quixote, one of the cornerstones of world literature (we want to contribute to the promotion of classics in the cyberspace; even more, it is the system author's favorite book and he wants to have it available wherever he goes without having to carry a load of paper). At the bottom of each page, there there are two links: previous and next. These links allow sequential navigation according to the page order in the printed book.

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