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Available in Spanish Cibersociedad - Space for the discussion and analysis of the cyberspace from the perspective of the humanities.

Available in Spanish Available in English 3rd ONLINE Congress of the Observatory for the Cybersociety. Particularly the interest group in digital narrative.
Available in Spanish Available in English II Congreso ONLINE del Observatorio para la Cibersociedad.

Available in Spanish Available in English Hermeneia - Literary Studies and Digital Technologies. Multinational research group dedicated to the study of digital literature as a revolutionary and changing phenomena.
Available in Spanish Directory DMOZ - List of the most significant digital narrative pieces in Spanish.
Available in Spanish Desequilibros - Site for the free and plural expression of all literary forms, opinions and artistic creations that can be reproduced in digital media without loosing their essence.
Available in Spanish El Relato Digital - Theory, practice and teaching of fiction hypertext. Excellent place for literary critics, readers and authors interested in hypertext theory.
Available in English Electronic Literature Organization - To facilitate and promote the writing, publishing, and reading of literature in electronic media.
Available in Spanish Available in English Hipertulia - Hipertulia is a forum whose aim is to introduce hypertext and hyperfiction to the Spanish-speaking public. All material published in Hipertulia has to have a Spanish translation, and so far we have versions of English, French and German articles, as well as original Spanish ones.
Available in English Latin American Literature and Mass Media - Book by Edmundo Paz-Soldán & Debra A. Castillo (eds.). Hispanic Issues Series. New York: Garland, 2001.
Available in English Word Circuits - Portal for fiction, poetry and other hypertextual resources. Contains Connection Muse, adaptive hypertext system based on conditional links.


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