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Adaptive Hypertext  Book:  Extreme Conditions
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Page: Tenth Decade

«During such a short night
that two men could have shaken hands,
being one in Tuesday and the other in Wednesday.
Dictionary of the Khazars, by Milorad Pavic

ComicThe discovery of an anomaly derived from the human race was not the only incident to shake the history of the second half of the century. Another event occurred; of this one, however, few knew. Each person involved became a piece of an inextricable puzzle, with all that implies being a segment of reality: knowledge of proper form and content but ignorance about the final view. Miranda Macedonia was conscious of it.

Although that day she was to arrive at her job at the usual time, she left with hours to spare. She drove towards the center of the city from her home in the outskirts, in the west sector, but as soon as she began her voyage she decided to deviate from her course to make her way north. The maroon clouds, less thick than usual, gave her hope that the faint light of that sunny day would improve her mood. When she drove in a straight line from her house in the Wheat Desert, she was always under a dark cloud. The potent lights of her car were activated, although this was not necessary because the autopilot did not need light to drive; rather, it was a courtesy to the passenger. She could not see the sky above her, or the ground below. Only a maroon stain wounded by light cutlasses in rotation.

The city exhibited filthiness. The term had evolved so as to conjugate in one word its garbage and urbane character: Cirty. On the ground and on the capitols of buildings hundreds of meters above it, the gaseous contamination was the same, yet, closer to the ground, the particles stuck to the exterior surface of buildings like a constantly growing maroon scar.


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Miranda parked her car near a service station. She had enough fuel for hundreds of kilometers, but she wanted to spend some time before arriving at the Center for Special Research...
85%  End of Ninth Decade
Central Lab. Miranda at 22 enters the most admired temple within the Research Center. Some say that Indigo is inventing a way to reverse the planet’s shitification. Nevertheless, in that place...
85%  Eighth Decade
The avatar children pummeled out of school in troops. Life was simple for them. Free. Every afternoon promised an adventure in the domes the adult Avatars were building...
85%  Eight Decade
Miranda had only once on her life seen an avatar face to face, at one of the parks near her house when she was a little girl. The pedestrian domes were newly built...


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