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You are interacting with an autonomous entity. Literatronic is an artificial intelligence engine that designs a fiction book specific to every reader based on her/his interaction with the system.
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Adaptive Hypertext  Book:  Extreme Conditions
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Image of avatar in the city By Juan B. Gutierrez. «Extreme Conditions is a hyperfiction that inaugurates the genre in Spanish, drawing on a long tradition of grim futuristic science-fiction. The novel integrates text and image in a hypertext whose organizing principle is time and which has a marked social dimension, with themes such as technology and power, racism and pollution... Time travel is tricky, and so is the attempt to change the course of history. But Gutiérrez is not a determinist. He offers a circular array of events that emphasize the often casual connections between moments.» Condiciones Extremas: Digital Science Fiction from Colombia, by Susana Pajares Tosca in Latin American Literature and the Mass Media. Hispanic Issues, Volume 22. Castillo, Paz-Soldan eds. Garland Publishing, New York, 2001.   More...
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